How To Care For Your Hoodie Blanket: A Quick Guide

An adorable and cuddly hoodie blanket is the cosiest item of apparel you will ever own. What's not to love about this enormous style, incredibly cosy hood, and roomy pocket to keep your hands warm?

You'll want to wear your hoodie blanket every day (or actually, whenever you get the chance!) because they are so cosy. Naturally, just like any other item of comfortable clothing that is worn frequently, your hoodie blanket will eventually require some care.

Where necessary, spot clean

Hot chocolate spilled over your cosy blanket? Be at ease! Try to clean your hoodie blanket as soon as possible by blotting (as opposed to rubbing) with a mild stain remover on a soft cloth if you spill anything or see a spot.

Regularly wash your hoodie blanket

To maintain your hoodie blanket in optimal condition, wash it frequently. Your Snuggie Wear hoodie blanket can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with a light detergent, or it can be hand washed in cold water. Using bleach or other strong chemicals can harm the materials in your hoodie blanket and result in discoloration, thus we do not advise doing it.

Steer clear of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is generally not recommended since the fabric may get damaged by the strong chemicals used in the procedure. Instead, we always advise using gentle washing techniques like the ones listed above.

Do not iron your hoodie blanket

Avert ironing if you want the material of your hoodie blanket to remain as soft as possible. Our hoodie blanket's incredibly soft materials should not be ironed because the intense heat can damage and leave markings on them.

Tumble dry on low or let air dry

It's crucial to fully dry your hoodie blanket after washing it. To prevent shrinkage and damage, as well as to keep your hoodie blanket feeling and smelling new, we suggest air drying or tumble drying it on low.

Store your hoodie blanket in your wardrobe 

It's advisable to store your hoodie blanket in a secure location, such as your closet, when not in use. This will assist in shielding it from odours, pet hair, and dust and dirt.

There you have it, You can guarantee that your hoodie blanket will remain in its most comfortable and cosy state for many years to come by adhering to these simple instructions.